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Photo credit: Yahalom Foundation

Stand with Lone Soldiers on the Front Lines: Donate to Send Care Packages

21 December 2023 |

GoFundMe campaign started by the Lowy International School to fund the purchases.

Currently in Israel, brave men and women are fighting on the front lines defending our freedom and protecting our homeland. Many of them are IDF lone soldiers, who risk their lives in combat zones far away from their homes and communities. Students from The Lowy International School, together with the Yahalom Foundation, have launched an initiative to send care packages to support such soldiers and show our appreciation.

Emma Brachfeld, an MA student in Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University, initiated the idea after observing individuals in the US sending funds for various military units in Israel. The goal is “to help support soldiers, specifically lone soldiers who do not have a support system here in such a harrowing time.”

Yishai Stern, the organizer of the campaign on GoFundMe, himself a reservist, a TAU student, and a Lowy International student counselor, adds:


“We want to give back to the community of lone soldiers, ensuring they know we are here for them and sending our love to the front lines, wishing them a safe return.”


Around ten Lowy International students have been called up for reserve duty, and in the broader TAU community, there are many more lone soldiers. The care packages will go out to all of them, with comforts, Kosher baked goods, and warm items suitable for the coming winter months.

The necessary items will be purchased with the money raised through the campaign. Additionally, on the baking day at the Lowy International office, the team will make cookies to add to the packages, which will be delivered to military bases in the south and north of Israel.


Yishai Stern (Photo courtesy of Yishai Stern)

Yishai explains, “Now that some time has passed since the start of the war, soldiers mostly have everything they need, so our care packages are more about extras—to show extra love.

It could be warm things, such as blankets to make the nights feel more homey and comforting, or other items to brighten their days, like backgammon boards for soldiers to pass the time between missions.

Every contribution, big or small, goes a long way to help us reach our goal of making as many lone soldier nights warmer as possible.

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