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TAU Canada presents …

Dr. Mrinal Kashyap

    • Recipient of the Irwin Cotler Fellowship
    • International student and postdoctoral fellow at TAU’s Porter School of Environment and Earth Sciences
    •  Master’s degree in Forensic Sciences from a Central University in India

A current recipient of the Irwin Cotler Fellowship, Dr. Mrinal Kashyap is an interdisciplinary researcher with a passion for sustainability in the realms of fuel and food. An astute observer of natural patterns with a particular interest in algae, he asserts that we should look to the wondrous designs found in nature to guide our innovations and research.

As an international student and postdoctoral fellow at TAU’s Porter School of Environment and Earth Sciences, he is deeply engaged in sustainable process development, with a specific focus on bio-plastics and alternative proteins derived from algae. His research not only addresses pressing environmental challenges but also holds promise for revolutionizing industries reliant on conventional, non-sustainable resources.

Dr. Kashyap’s early days in Israel took place during many long Covid lockdown weeks. In that time, he came to enjoy his long daily bike rides to campus and his leisure time spent sitting near the water. From his bike seat perch, he observed and absorbed Israeli culture and landscape, developing a deep fondness and appreciation for his host country.

His participation in the Irwin Cotler Fellowship Program is a testament to his commitment to understanding and contributing to the complex socio-political landscape of Israel. Dr. Kashyap’s profound interest in exploring Israel’s democracy and diaspora dynamics serves as a driving force behind his involvement in this prestigious program. His interdisciplinary approach and relentless pursuit of impactful research position helps him in addressing global challenges and paving the way for a sustainable future. Despite his scholarly achievements, Dr. Kashyap embodies humility, acknowledging that genuine progress arises from collaborative efforts and shared wisdom.

He completed his undergraduate studies in Zoology (Hons) from the University of Delhi before pursuing a master’s degree in forensic sciences from a Central University in India. His academic journey took a significant leap as he earned the prestigious UGC-JRF (University Grants Commission-Junior Research Fellowship), a vital credential for securing lectureship positions in India. Driven by his curiosity and thirst for knowledge, he embarked on a doctoral journey in Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Indore.

During his doctoral pursuit, Dr. Kashyap’s commitment to interdisciplinary exploration led him to be awarded with Sandwich VATA fellowship by Centre for Higher Education, Israel presenting him the opportunity to serve as a visiting scholar for a year at Tel Aviv University in Israel. This experience broadened his perspectives and enriched his research endeavours. Dr. Kashyap’s scholarly contributions are underscored by the publication of his work in numerous international peer-reviewed journals, reflecting his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering collaboration across borders.

He explains that there is a saying in India that the world is a family. He is vehement that we should behave like a family, live peacefully, and respect each other. As in the natural world he observes, there is diversity in humanity and we should respect it.

As an Irwin Cotler Fellow, Dr, Kashyap will deliver a workshop in April to his colleagues in India. He will discuss the relationship between Israel and India during the current situation, interviewing colleagues from India who are now in israel. He believes it is crucial for the world to know what is taking place in Israel and why he is a passionate friend and advocate.

Supporting international students like Dr. Kashyap in the Irwin Cotler Institute International Graduate Fellowship Program not only empowers individual scholars, but also fosters a community dedicated to advancing democracy, human rights and justice worldwide. Please continue this support here.

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