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The Irwin Cotler Institute for Democracy, Human Rights and Justice

The Irwin Cotler Institute is devoted to instruction, training, and policy-oriented research on human rights, democracy, justice, and the fight against antisemitism and racism at large.

The Institute operates the annual Irwin Cotler Fellowship Program, which

    • brings together 20 international students for weekly lectures and projects on human rights and democracy,
    • engages them in discussions about Israeli society, its history, diversity and challenges,
    • organizes field trips to historical sites and communities across the country,
    • and trains participants how to advocate for righteous causes in their home countries in the face of shifting social landscapes.

    The Institute also organizes instructional workshops for

      • policymakers,
      • law enforcement officials,
      • media professionals,
      • and educators around the world

      These workshops address the contemporary challenges to democracy, democratization and human rights, and the means to fight racism at large and antisemitism specificallyThe Institute convenes research seminars, and supports original policy-oriented research in diverse disciplines.

      Irwin Cotler has dedicated his life’s work to championing human rights, advocating for justice on a global scale. Through his unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, he has significantly impacted the lives of countless individuals and has become a mentor and an inspiration to many.

      Ontario and Western Canada

      3130 Bathurst Street, Suite, 214, Toronto, ON | M6A 2A1 
      Phone: 416.787.9930 | Toll Free: 833.32.CFTAU (22328)

      Ottawa, Quebec and Atlantic Canada

      6900 Boulevard Décarie, Suite 3480, Montreal, QC | H3X 2T8
      Phone: 514.344.3417