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TAU chemistry and engineering student Yonatan Juhl, who is also a tank platoon commander in the IDF (Photo: TAU)

Help Our Reservist Students Fulfill Their True Calling

21 December 2023 |

Support TAU’s Uniform to University Scholarship Fund.

When duty called, they came. Now, it’s up to us to help them fulfill their true calling.

When the Hamas-Israel war broke out, Israel reenlisted its reservists. Over 6,000 of them are Tel Aviv University students. They already completed regular IDF duty and are now in a different chapter in their lives: the one where they study to make their dreams and goals a reality, and impact Israeli society for the better.

This is where we come in: We must ensure that our students, our heroes, have the academic and financial assistance they need to succeed in their studies, worry-free.

Help our students follow their calling to become the bright future of Israel.

Support TAU’s Uniform to University Scholarship Fund.

Academic & Financial Assistance

It is our duty to free reservist students from anxieties about missed studies and work, and to ensure that they can smoothly and fully resume their lives once they return from combat. We must – with academic and financial  assistance – guarantee their educational futures and careers.

In previous military operations, this kind of help made all the difference for students who might have otherwise lost a semester or entire academic year.

You can help currently serving reservists, and returning ones, in the following ways:

  • Combat soldier scholarships for students who serve as fighters and who can remain on the frontlines for several months straight. Lone soldiers are particularly vulnerable. Allocations will come in the form of partial or complete tuition, living stipends, and housing aid of up to $7K per student.
  • Funding for academic tutoring for returning soldiers who have missed important study material and who need help to complete courses, succeed in tests, and save the semester. Allocations begin at $1,500 per tutor.


Duty called and our courageous students dropped everything to fight for Israel’s defense.

On the day after, though, we need to fight for them – to help our returning reservists fulfill their true calling!

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