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Dr. Barry Dolman

Chair of the Canadian Division of the Pierre Fauchard Academy
Immediate Past President, Ordre of Dentists of Quebec

“Dentists are on the front lines of oral cancer detection as we execute preventive examinations. A successful prognosis depends on rapid access to qualified oral pathologists to confirm a diagnosis.”

Meet Dr. Barry Dolman – click here…

Born in Montreal and holding a doctorate in dentistry from the University of Montreal as well as a Bachelor of Science from McGill University, Dr Dolman has been in private practice since 1975 and served as president of the Order of dentists of Quebec from 2011 to 2019.

From 1976 to 1986, he was a clinician at the University of Montreal. From 1985 to 1998, he sat on the board of directors of the Quebec Dental Surgeons Association and then at the Canadian Dental Association where he was elected only the 5th Jewish president in 1996 in the 100-yr. history of that organization. He was national secretary of the International Dental Federation in 1997, and elected President of the International Society for Dental Regulators in 2016.

During his professional career he was a consultant for emerging companies in the Quebec dental technology sector, an adviser for the dental and pharmaceutical industry in addition to contributing to the development of policies and federal taxation in dental health. He regularly contributes to the media on matters related to oral health.

Dr. Dolman is Chair of the Canadian Division of the International Pierre Fauchard Academy providing scholarships and grants to support projects of access to oral care.

He has been an ardent defender of philanthropy for oral care through the O.D.Q. Foundation and personally contributed more than $100,000 to date to Jewish Eldercare, a C.H.S.L.D. caring for vulnerable patients suffering from among others, Alzheimer’s disease.

As a practitioner, he is proud to care for many grandchildren of his original patients from various regions of Quebec. Dr. Dolman always maintains direct communications with patients, recognizing that fear continues to be a major barrier to accessing dental care in 2020.

His numerous implications have earned him various recognitions, including Fellowships of the L’Académie Dentaire du Quebec, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the International College and the American College of Dentistry. He is a life member of the Québec Dental Surgeons Association and an honorary member of the Canadian Dental Association, the highest distinctions awarded by those organizations in recognition of his exceptional contributions.

A passionate advocate for access to quality oral health care, Dr. Dolman has dedicated much of his career to advocating for a health care system that puts the patient first.

Whether as a practitioner, speaker, consultant, regulator or spokesperson, he takes advantage of all the forums available to convince decision-makers of the importance of considering oral care on the same equal footing as other parts of the human body, with universal health care coverage. His expertise, networking and national, European and international discourse continues to raise the skills of Quebecers in matters of regulation and mobility.

In his professional engagement, and more specifically as president of the Canadian Dental Association, he campaigned successfully for the federal government to grant a tax credit that would allow small unincorporated businesses to offer dental insurance to their employees. In Quebec City, he put pressure on the ministers responsible for the condition of the elderly and succeeded in obtaining recognition so that full oral care services intended for the elderly are now being integrated into the residential environment.

He pleaded with conviction for the medically required coverage of oral care by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), leading to the recent establishment of a pediatric oncology oral care program offered by the Department of Health and Social Services for young children with cancer.

In search of new models of governance and innovative technologies aimed at improving health services and modernizing the supervision of health professionals, Dr. Dolman without hesitation advocates for greater cooperation between health professionals and the urgent need for reforms to make health legislation more agile so as to meet the real needs of patients. Dr Dolman was also a tireless defender of the linguistic rights of his French colleagues to obtain obligatory examinations and certifications from all national dental accreditation organizations.

Throughout his tenure as President of the O.D.Q, he always engaged in constructive dialogue and networking with organizations, government and professionals to find solutions to the complex challenges that patients face today.

He remains the only Jewish President of The Order of Dentists ever elected, securing two consecutive mandates with the massive support of his Francophone colleagues from every region in Quebec, until he decided to legislate term limits and cede his own position under his conviction for best governance practices.


Mrs. Ruth Remer


“I saw first-hand the skill, the knowledge and the kindness that Prof. Kaplan and Prof. Vered, from TAU’s Dental Pathology Laboratory, offer their patients.

Meet Ruth Remer – click here…

I’m Ruth Remer, and I’m most proud to act as Campaign Chairwoman for Tel Aviv University’s Dental Pathology Laboratory.

Born and raised in Montreal, I moved to Israel in 1971, where I now live in Avichayil, a small Moshav near Netanya. But, I remain a proud citizen of Canada. Though I live in Israel I spend considerable time in Canada. In one of my early longer sojourns, I attended Concordia University and received a degree in Psychology, and in Israel, an L.L.B. from Netanya Academic College.

Along with all this, I’ve raised four children, and today I have 15 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

My interest in Tel Aviv University’s Dental Pathology Laboratory

Some time ago, as a result of a severe gum inflammation, I was diagnosed with Oral PVL.

I came to know Professors Ilana Kaplan and Marilena Vered, of Tel Aviv University’s Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine. Two extraordinary dental pathologists, who continue to treat me at Beilinson Hospital, one of Tel Aviv University’s affiliated hospitals. I saw, and continue to experience, first-hand the skills, the knowledge and the kindness they offer patients.

I have visited their lab several times, and I can tell you, it is in dire need of renovation to bring the workstations and equipment up to 21st century standards, and thus greatly enable the work of these two professors and their colleagues. To that effect, I was happy to make a significant contribution to the purchase of a new, state of the art, microscope, which has been of immense help to them in their pathology work.

Diseases such as breast cancer and Aids get a lot of attention, especially when celebrities are unfortunately stricken. Consequently, funding follows. But I suggest that diseases of the mouth are less well-known to the general public, and thus research funding is needed more. For example, Oral cancer is the most common form of oral pathologies, and the deadliest as well – in fact, nearly half of patients with this condition won’t live more than five years past their initial diagnosis. This is because far too many cases of oral cancer aren’t caught until it’s too late. Without a strong funding commitment, the conquering of these diseases will be delayed.

Let us, together, open our hearts and wallets for this most worthy cause, and show the folks at the Tel Aviv University’s Dental Pathology Laboratory that we Canadians care like no other for research and treatments that will change the world.

I look forward to be working with you on this so important cause and campaign, and I thank you in advance for your generous contributions.

With warm regards,

Ruth Remer

Dr. Benjamin Saleh

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

“Growing up in Israel and being a Maxillofacial surgeon gave me a strong appreciation to the task at hand.  A well equipped oral pathology lab is a crucial component in the treatment of patients with Maxillofacial diseases and helping support Israel and its population is our obligation. “

Meet Dr. Benjamin Saleh – click here…

Doctor Saleh obtained his Doctorate of Dental Medicine in dental surgery at Université McGill in 1985. He received a certificate in oral and maxillofacial surgery from the Montefiore Medical Center in New York in 1989. He is a fellow of the American Society of Dental Anesthesiology and the Académie Pierre Fauchard. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Saleh is affiliated with the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal and McGill University where he teaches residents.

As a dedicated oral surgeon, he performs surgery, including several other related procedures on both soft and hard tissues of the oral regions, thus treating defects, injuries and diseases. He collaborates with other medical professionals, such as orthodontists and restorative dentists to provide the right treatment plan. He also performs the needed surgery in order to prepare the mouth for procedures such as dental implants.

In 2003 and 2004, he was President of the Association des chirurgiens buccaux et maxillofaciaux du Québec. He is a conference speaker for the Ordre des Dentistes as well as at national and international conventions.


Meet the committee – click here…

Israel Bonds Dental Division

Dr. Jacob Tink, Chairman
Dr. Marcelo Bercovici, President, Alpha Omega Mount Royal Dental Society
Dr. David Baker
Dr. Elliot Goldenberg
Dr. Sam Israelovitch
Dr. Benjamin Saleh
Dr. Melvin Schwartz
Dr. Marvin Steinberg
Dr. William Steinman
Dr. Michael Tenenbaum, Regional Chair, Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University
Dr. Harry Wise
Dr. Martin Wise

Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University

Dr. Michael Tenenbaum, Regional Chair
Dr. Joel Abikhzer
Dr. Jonathan Albilia
Dr. Arav David
Mr. Alex Elbaz
Dr. Noemi Elhadad
Prof. Liran Levin
Dr. Paul Lieberman
Dr. Ronnie Korman
Dr. Roy Raviv
Dr. Jason Retter
Dr. Marcy Schwartzman
Dr. Stewart Shapiro
Dr. Avi Wurman


Be Part of The Next Big Idea at Tel Aviv University
and Make a Double Mitzvah.


The Oral Pathology Laboratory

Learn more about the project…

Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University (CFTAU) has launched a nationwide campaign in support of the Oral Pathology Department at Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine. This joint effort aims to raise funds for urgently needed renovations and to purchase the required technical equipment to up-grade the oral pathology lab. This will allow students and researchers to expand on their great work with the latest technology available.

Oral cancer is less known to the public than any other cancer. It is the most common form of oral pathology as well as the deadliest. In fact, nearly half of patients with this condition won’t live more than five years past their initial diagnosis.

We are committed to conquering these diseases and speeding up diagnosis and treatments through strong financial support under the chairwomanship of Mrs. Ruth Remer, who recently equipped the Lab with a brand-new state-of-the-art microscope. Originally from Montreal and now living in Israel, Mrs. Remer was diagnosed with Oral PVL and during her treatments came to know Profs. Ilana Kaplan and Marilena Vered, who run the Dental Pathology Laboratory. She saw first-hand the skill, the knowledge and the kindness they offer patients.

TAU has the only academic department in Israel to train oral pathologists. The importance of this lab at a national, and international, level is another aspect of these much-needed improvements.

It is our mission to bring the Facility to 21st century standards, so we can continue to improve the clinical and scientific outcomes while training professionals in oral pathology and medicine for the years to come.

The Department of OPOM offers five major courses including Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis — Treatment Planning and Emergency Dental Procedures, Dental Treatment to Medically Compromised Patients, Oral Radiology.

In addition to the five courses, the undergraduate students participate in the Oral Medicine Clinic, which provides special care in the following areas; Mucosal Diseases and Oral Cancer, “Dry Mouth”, “Burning Mouth”, Geriatric Oral Care, Oral and Facial Pain, Medically-Compromised Patients, Oral Radiology.

There are two postgraduate programs: Specialty of Oral Pathology – 3.5 years and Specialty of Oral Medicine – 4.0 years.

Your support and generosity will enable Tel Aviv University’s Dental Pathology Laboratory to continue pursuing the unknown by pushing boundaries, transforming lives and making an impact in Israel and around the world.

Thank you for being part of the Next Big Idea!


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