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60th Anniversary Scholarship Campaign

60th Anniversary Scholarship Campaign

Who is building Israel’s future? YOU ARE…

by supporting the next generation of students at Tel Aviv University

Every contribution to this Campaign will go towards full or partial scholarships for talented students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

It’s often said that Israel’s greatest natural resource is the brain-power of its people — but the skills needed for leadership don’t just happen. They are carefully shaped and nourished by a first-rate education.

That’s why TAU graduates and faculty can be found at the helm of Israel’s leading companies, in the top echelons of public service, and on the cutting edge of science and technology. And why your contribution today will have such an important impact on tomorrow, helping to forge the leaders of the next generation.

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Tribute Cards

Tribute Cards

Tribute Gifts are a meaningful way to honour family and friends while supporting Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University. You can choose to designate your gift to a specific program area or to support the area of greatest need at the University.

Give in Memory

With a tribute gift In Memory of someone special, you can honour the passing of a loved one or a friend by making a heartfelt contribution. A tax receipt will be issued for a minimum donation of $10. We will send a printed card acknowledging your thoughtful gift to the bereaved family or another designated recipient. 

Give in Honour

Celebrate an occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, bar\bat mitzvah, birth, engagement, Rosh Hashanah or just to say thank you with a tribute gift In Honour of someone special. A tax receipt will be issued for a minimum donation of $10. We will send a printed card with your special message to the person(s) being honoured.

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Pillar-Lambert Scholarship Fund

Pillar-Lambert Scholarship Fund

The Pillar-Lambert Scholarship Fund named in memory of Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar’s grandfather, Ed Lambert, will boost accessibility for talented young Israelis from outlying and developmental towns to  study Accounting at Tel Aviv University

Kevin Pillar said,

“I am proud to be establishing the Pillar-Lambert Scholarship in Accounting at Tel Aviv University in memory of my grandfather Ed. Through this scholarship I am honouring my grandfather’s career in accounting and the Jewish traditions and values he and my grandmother lived by.”

Supporting the future of Israel’s talented youth enables Israel’s continued success.

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Scholarship Fund for Reserve Combat Soldiers

Scholarship Fund for Reserve Combat Soldiers

The burden of defending the State of Israel has fallen on the shoulders of the young men and woman serving in combat units, both in regular service and in the reserves. Tens of thousands of them, all in the prime of their lives, are willing to drop everything-their families, their studies, their jobs- to risk the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Scholarship Fund for Reserve Combat Soldiers will both provide comprehensive scholarships, stipends and support resources for our Reserve Combat Soldiers. Every dollar raised will enable TAU to reassure the courageous students that their call to duty will not impede, in any way, with their academic studies.

Remember the young men and women who believe in Israel and the Jewish people and who have committed their lives to help protect the future of both.

Please give generously.

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TAU Social Impact: Alumni for the community

TAU Social Impact: Alumni for the community

Tel Aviv University is revolutionizing social responsibility education in Israel with recently Introduced​ “TAU Social Impact” – Accredited Courses for Civic Action.

Action Now: With over 30 percent of citizens living in poverty, widespread educational gaps and insufficient access to quality social services, among other problems, Israeli society faces considerable hurdles. Action must be taken if we are to ensure a more just and equitable society for current and future generations.

Track Record: Having recognized this need early on, the Unit for Social Involvement at Tel Aviv University’s Ruth and Alan Ziegler Student Services Division has run dozens of programs through the years that build up students’ social leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Leap Forward: Now, with this solid foundation in place, Tel Aviv University aspires toward greater impact. In a move that is the first of its kind in Israel, and possibly in the world, the University is launching a program to include social involvement as part of a required and accredited course in the undergraduate curriculum of all faculties. Beginning in the 2016-17 academic year, the University will launch 35 courses that integrate theory and practice in civic engagement (Click here for details of the courses – In Hebrew).

Students will gain community-oriented knowledge and skills through lectures given by academic experts and hands-on training by NGO professionals. Then, according to the topic of the course, students will implement their know-how in the field.

Personalization: Students will be allowed to choose from a broad range of specially-developed courses. Topics will address the major challenges facing Israeli society today, among them: education, health, inequality and social exclusion, human rights and racism, violence, the environment, women’s rights, and citizenship.

Funding Need: Tel Aviv University envisions rolling out up to 40 courses per year over the next 5 years to achieve a steady state of 200 courses total. The target is to get all of the University’s 15,000 undergraduate students actively engaged in social involvement before they graduate. 

Outcomes: This new initiative will have far-reaching impact. First, because of Israel’s small size, the thousands of TAU graduates who gain social awareness and leadership experience will form a critical mass of knowledgeable, capable and influential change-makers in society. Second, the Tel Aviv University model of accredited social responsibility courses will most likely be replicated among many of Israel’s 69 other universities and colleges; this would significantly enlarge the pool of educated young people with a strong social commitment. Finally, this revolutionary program will significantly enhance learning, research and academia’s long-term contribution to society.


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Donation for the Coller School of Management

Donation for the Coller School of Management

Your donation will enable Tel Aviv University to break new ground in management research and innovation.

Students will be educated on the core fundamentals of venture and entrepreneurship, and nurture the leaders of the future.  Learn more about the  Coller School of Management

About The School:

“Our Legacy The School of Management at Tel Aviv University, is where academia meets business. Established in 1965, the School of Management has, over the years, trained generation after generation of Israel’s professional and business elite, adapting its curriculum to the needs of a global economy in constant change.

Our Community The School brings together professionals and executives at all stages of their career to acquire academic insight and business knowhow from scholars representing the diversity of management disciplines. The Community consists of an academic staff of 60 scholars specializing in all fields of business, student body of over 3,000 participants enrolled in over 10 study programs, executive circles of over 2,000 participants from Israel and abroad taking part annually in professional development programs, and an alumni community of over 20,000 business professionals strategically positioned in all sectors of business, high-tech and public administration in Israel and abroad.

Our Pledge The School of Management is the only AACSB-accredited business school in Israel. Our first and foremost commitment is to the highest standards of professionalism in research and teaching, preparing our students for the challenges of modern business life by sharing with them the benefits of classic business education from up-to-date perspectives.”


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We need you!

Volunteer! We need you!


Founded in 1956, Tel Aviv University has grown into the largest and most influential university in Israel today. From ground-breaking research to life-saving technology, TAU is shaping the future of Israeli society and producing alumni that become tomorrow’s leaders, teachers and innovators.

Become a part of our great community! Stay in touch! Support us on events, volunteering options, share your ideas! Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University can’t continue to grow and flourish without the help of people like you.

We draw our strength from the energy, commitment, and diverse skills of our dedicated volunteers — from those helping to plan a one-time-only activity to those governing on our Board of Directors or the board of one of TAU’s faculties.

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