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TAU Canada presents …

Julie Jakobsgaard

    • Irwin Cotler Fellowship recipient
    • International student at Tel Aviv University, Security and Diplomacy Program

Born in the town of Skanderborg, Denmark, it is striking that Irwin Cotler Fellowship recipient Julie Jakobsgaard has long felt the pull toward Zionism and pursuing a path in political science, particularly with regard to Israel.

Julie earned her undergraduate degree in Language and International Studies with a concentration in Diaspora and Post-Diaspora Studies from Aalborg University. She is now an international student at Tel Aviv University, pursuing her MA in the Security and Diplomacy Program. Prior to her graduate education, Julie worked in the Danish Parliament, focusing on policy making and legislation.

Julie always knew she would study in Israel. She was drawn to TAU in particular for the fantastic campus experience, strength and caliber of professors, ideal fit with the Security and Diplomacy Program, and of course the incredible Tel Aviv social scene.

When she was invited to apply for an Irwin Cotler Fellowship, her passion for her studies and Israel deepened. As the Fellowship began, Julie was taken with the outstanding lecture topics and esteemed guest speakers presented to her cohort. 

When Dina Porat, TAU professor emeritus and chief historian of Yad Vashem, visited her class, Julie knew that her path was solidified even further. Prof. Porat inspired her to delve more deeply into the topic of antisemitism in Europe, especially in Denmark. As part of her Fellowship, Julie will present a workshop on the topic of how antisemitism developed in these regions. The session will be delivered to her colleagues in Denmark.

With a sharp eye on a future in international politics, focusing on Israel and the middle east, Julie is extremely confident that her choice to attend TAU and good fortune at being selected for an Irwin Cotler Fellowship will propel her into the life of her dreams, with a depth and breadth of knowledge beyond what she had imagined.

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