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The “Art” of Criminal Law

Internationally renowned criminal lawyer, Leo Adler, and widely-respected business and community leader, Morris Perlis will engage us in a  fascinating discussion.

In a four-part series we will look at how real criminal law in Canada differs from TV.

We’re mesmerized by police and legal dramas on TV and in movies, but what actually happens in real life?

Each week will also provide an opportunity to ask questions!

  • Sunday, January 16: It’s Not like on TV! From Perry Mason (remember him?) to Line of Duty… they always “get the guy”.

    How does it work in Canada? Common fallacies and assumptions.

    Sunday, January 23:  Crime and Punishment

    The changing landscape of criminal law… public opinion, political correctness, body cams… can criminal law still work properly?

    NEW DATE! Sunday, January 30: Law in Action

    Three well-known cases in Canadian law as well as miscarriages of justice will be explored

    NEW DATE! Sunday, February 6: International Criminal Law

    The International Criminal Court… extradition and what it means

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