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THE FEILER FAMILY – Canada Israel Real Estate Connection

April 24 – 28, 2022 in Toronto

The The Feiler Family Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection is an exclusive for-credit program designed to provide carefully selected Executive MBA and MBA students from Tel Aviv University, focussed on real estate, with an invaluable, learning experience at many of Canada’s most prominent financial, legal, development, business, policy and governance firms.

Included in the program are market overviews, site tours and business case presentations by banks, brokers, developers, pension plans, REIT’s, law firms and more.


A healthy and vibrant real estate sector is essential for economic growth, productivity, employment, and social justice. In order for Israel to meet the new economic and social challenges it has to deal with its current real estate challenges including a potential residential price bubble with very high costs of housing, an under developed REIT market and institutional investment portfolios focused on Israel with minimal geographic diversification.

In 2013, Tel Aviv University’s Recanati Business School established the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research to provide students and executives with up-to-date knowledge on the essential aspects of real estate theory and practice. By doing so, it is contributing to boosting the Israeli economy, improving market stability, encouraging entrepreneurship in this area, and improved transparency in the real estate sector in Israel.

Each year the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research plans a study trip to Toronto, to learn about Canada’s most diverse and emerging real estate market. This international experience is supported by Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University and its supporters.


Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection Research Fund – $ 50,000

Support ongoing research in real estate by Prof. Danny Ben-Shahar, Director of the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research into the analysis of agents’ rational and irrational behaviour in the real estate market.

Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection Real Estate Symposium – $ 36,000

Funds will support the bringing together of leading scholars and professionals from Israel and abroad to discuss real estate finance and economics.

Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection Lecture Series – $ 10,000

Funds will support the sharing of the latest developments in real estate related topics (finance, economics, planning, architecture, etc.…) with Israel’s academic community and general public.

Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection Scholarship (per student) – $ 5,400

Enable TAU to offer a competitive admissions package to the very best students interested in pursuing real estate at the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University.

Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection Travel Award and Bursary – $ 3,600

Provide financial support to qualifying students participating in the Canada-Israel Real Estate Connection program.

Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection Support – $ 1,800

Support the greatest needs of the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research and the Canada – Israel Real Estate Connection.


Ontario and Western Canada

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