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A spirit of openness and innovation is evident in all of TAU’s teaching and research activities, breaking down barriers between disciplines, and boldly striving to address the twenty-first century’s most pressing challenges.

ln this course we will examine possible alternatives for fuels which have proved quite damaging to both our health and our environment.

This course draws comparisons between human senses and the special sensorial capacities of plants

You will discover how psychological science provided objective, valid, and proven answers, which are based on scientific research.

This course will discuss the developments in the Middle East from the 19th Century to the present

This course will look at the fascinating story of the one hundred years between the fall and the rise of Jerusalem

How could events of such horror take place and what is the impact of the Holocaust on our world today?

Is there really an inherent contradiction between economic growth and distributive justice?

How did the State of Israel come to be? And how does that reality prevail in the harsh complexities of the Middle East?

Physics has developed a wide range of notions that allow us to describe and explain the world around us in an astounding accuracy /coming soon


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