Five reasons to choose TAU

 5 reasons to choose the International School at Tel Aviv University


  1. Tel Aviv University is Israel’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning with more opportunities for its students.
  2. Innovative small-class experiences. Opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading researchers and thinkers!
  3. Volunteer opportunities – Students can gain community leadership skills and civic spirit that will continue to impact society long after they graduate!
  4. Tel Aviv University’s culture of social involvement is reflected in every activity on campus, feeding off and strengthening the needs of Israeli society.
  5. Easy access to downtown Tel Aviv – the centre of Israel. Students can take advantage of everything Tel Aviv has to offer, from beautiful beaches to active social life.

Degree programs at TAU International are academically rigorous and culturally inspiring.

As a student on one of our 2 bachelor’s programs or one of our 14 graduate programs, you’ll gain insight into your field from world-leading researchers with a passion for sharing their knowledge with the next generation. Our programs span the range of TAU’s academic departments, but all share certain core values:

  • All instruction and coursework in English, allowing access to students from anywhere in the world, with the opportunity to learn Hebrew or Arabic alongside your studies

  • Challenging academic material taught by engaged teaching faculty

  • Strong interdisciplinary foundation with flexibility for specialization in your chosen area

  • Close ties to local and international industry, government, and other organizations relevant to your program to give you deep insight into the practicalities of working in your field

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Check out “Campus Thursdays”

As Thursday is the last day of the Israeli work week, TAU encourages its students and staff to start their weekend off with a host of exciting events: gallery exhibits, film screenings, musical performances and lectures on a variety of academic fields. Young artists are invited to showcase their work and the public is invited to share in all these activities, which take place from early afternoon until late evening. You can check which events take place in English at the Thursdays of Campus website.

Social Activism at TAU

Social Activism at TAU

Tel Aviv is one of the most diverse cities in Israel, home to people of different ethnicities, nationalities and social backgrounds. It is therefore not surprising the city has been the birthplace of many of Israel’s largest and most important social movements. Tel Aviv University believes in encouraging its students to be involved, caring, active citizens who are committed to affecting social change and constantly improving Israeli society.

Tel Aviv University is proud to offer its students several scholarship programs in exchange for part time involvement in a variety of social projects.

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Entertainment on Campus

Entertainment on Campus

One of TAU’s top academic priorities is fostering interdisciplinary attitudes across all fields of research, in the sciences, arts and humanities. It has established several centers dedicated to bringing researchers from different fields together and encouraging them to share their knowledge and develop new understandings and methodologies to benefit society. From neuroscience to the study of culture, TAU has been at the forefront of the increasing global trend of blending rather than segregating disciplines.

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