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Online Academic Courses | Flipped Classroom | Personalizing Learning Processes

TAU Online’s mission is to create the university’s digital pedagogical vision and to implement the initiatives that derive from this vision.   TAU Online is innovating the digital learning experience while personalizing the learning process.


Areas of operation:

  1. MOOCs – Design, production and distribution
  2. Online Academic High School – Empowering every high school pupil to gain University credits
  3. Requirements for Admission – Including online course accomplishments into the evaluation of future applicants
  4. Minducate – The Science of Learning Interdisciplinary Research Center, in collaboration with the Sagol School for Neuro-Science
  5. Ed-Tech – Fostering the Ed-Tech Community in Israel
    The Israel EdTech Summit is an annual conference, bringing EdTech Start-ups, Investors, and Policy Decision Makers together to discuss the needs of the market and explore the trends of the future. Tel Aviv University serves as the Academic Partner of this venture



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