The Stephen Harper Chair in Translational Neuroscience

Tel Aviv University (TAU) seeks to establish the Stephen Harper Chair in Translational Neuroscience.

The Chair will advance cutting edge brain research, with an emphasis on psychiatric disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia.

Its focus will be on translating findings toward the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that could alleviate suffering among psychiatric patients and their families worldwide.

The Stephen Harper Chair in Global Finance

Tel Aviv University (TAU) has announced the establishment of the Stephen Harper Chair in Global Finance.

The endowment will support novel research aimed at better understanding of interaction of domestic economic and fiscal policy and the global economy and broader international financial system.

This research focus reflects Stephen Harper’s concept of “enlightened sovereignty” whereby domestic economic policies have important implications for the global economy. Findings will be shared with the policy community to better inform matters of global concern, such as the monetary and fiscal forces that produce cyclical impacts and economic stress.

Stephen Harper Chair
in Global Finance or in Translational Neuroscience

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