TAU Social Impact: Strengthening Israel Society through Civic & Community Action

Ayim, TAU Social Impact Student

“I am Ayim, I am theater student at Tel Aviv University and I recently participated in the Social Impact Program at the Rimonim Prison.

The TAU Social Impact Program motivates students, like me, towards civic leadership and social change promoting the values of democracy, human dignity, social responsibility and social solidarity.

I am grateful for my experience and appreciate my time in the Program. 

Even after the ‘curtain fell’ on my time at Rimonim Prison, I was still in shock over the intensity of the programs impact on my life, on all levels, personal, professional, and educational.

Prisoners participating in the theater program at the Rimonim Prison


As a female member of the project and a social activist in women’s affairs in the Arab society, this experience gave me a realistic image of my society. 

As an actress, who believes in the power of Community Theater as a tool for social change, I used this experience to make a difference on the prisoner’s lives.   

As a result of my participation in the TAU Social Impact project, I am committed to continuing on this journey and to prove to everyone the power of art in “making real and deep changes in the world.”

The TAU Social Impact promotes academic excellence and social activism through courses that combine theory-based knowledge with practice in the field.

The program aims to graduate socially empowered students, like me, equipped with the skills and knowledge required to effect social change and who will enter the workforce understanding the importance of being active agents of change in areas such as equality, social and economic justice, democracy, human rights, the environment and more.


“Social activity for me is an expression of basic social responsibility. Going back to my roots, back to my neighborhood and encouraging teenagers from the social and geographic periphery to pursue higher education”.
Yossi Levy,
PHD student in the School of Medicine


“By joining forces with these energetic young people, we are advancing one of our primary goals – to raise awareness of preventive medicine and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”
Advocate Chen Shmilo,
of the Israel Medical Association


“We returned to Israel’s outlying areas where our personalities were shaped, in order to contribute to a better future for all”.
Rabea Bader,
Computer Science Student


As a TAU Alumnus, you can make your impact by giving other student’s the opportunity to participate in this incredible program.  Make your gift now!   


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