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The gift of a TAU scholarship is a gift to the future of Israel itself

AU students are tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.
They ensure that Israel will continue to thrive in science, technology, medicine, arts and culture. However, by the time they start academic studies most Israeli students are older, have completed military service, and must support themselves and often families as well.

Scholarships allow them not only to survive financially but to excel in their studies.

We would like to show you with "Student Stories" and "Alumni Testimonials" what scholarships could mean and how you could make an impact.

Student Stories

"My scholarship is like oxygen"

Lior Turgeman

Master’s student in Management & Environmental Studies

Big Idea: An environmental entrepreneur, Lior recognized that home gardening could be a game-changer in sustainability,
policy and other areas. Her scholarship was a key factor in deciding to research this idea at TAU.

"I wanted my research to have an impact on the world, not to sit on a shelf. To accomplish this, I needed time and that's what my scholarship gave me."

Porter Foundation Fellow

Michal Hatuel-Radoshitzky

Social Sciences, Political Science

Topic of research: Stigmatization of countries in the international arena

Michal grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Addressing international audiences, Michal was often asked to compare between apartheid in Israel and South Africa. This drove her to investigate how a democracy like Israel can be equated with the apartheid regime of her childhood in South Africa.

"Help young students understand, question and change the world as we know it.

The scholarship I received from the university has enabled me to study. It’s as simple as that. ”

Belaynesh Mekonen

Doctoral student in Education

Belaynesh immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at the age of 15. Now, decades later, her children don't speak Amharic or Tigrinya and can’t communicate with her parents. This painful disconnect resulted in Belaynesh’s PhD thesis about the emotional cost of losing a native tongue. She is formulating recommendations for the government to implement language preservation for immigrant communities.

"A person without roots cannot grow and flourish.
If they are not rooted in the ground, the wind will knock them over."

Walanpatrias Foundation Doctoral Fellow

Shahar Taiber

MD-PhD student in Medicine

Big Idea: To find a biological treatment for
deafness by decoding the genetic make-up of the

Preliminary results of Shahar’s research are encouraging.

Klass Family Fellow

Ilya Breslavskiy

Undergraduate student in Engineering & Biology

Ilya made Aliyah from Russia after high school. As a lone immigrant, he has found a warm home in Israel and at Tel Aviv University.

"In Moscow, I had every opportunity open to me,
but I preferred to come to Israel where I feel I belong.”

Helen Sarah Steyer & Thomas Mark Steyer Scholar

Naomi Sutton

International student in Liberal Arts

"I wouldn't be able to study in this amazing program without my scholarship.

It's changed my life."

Brazilian Friends of TAU Scholar

Nadia Alatawneh

Undergraduate student in Architecture.

Hailing from the Negev, Nadia is the first Bedouin student to study architecture at TAU.

The field allows her to express her creativity and help people. She hopes to apply her skills and knowledge to benefit her community.

Scholarship funded by an anonymous donor, UK

Tali Reiner Brodtetzki

Life Sciences, Zoology

Topic of research: Populations and social structures of cataglyphis navigator ants: behavior, chemistry and genome

Tali is a second-generation scientist. Her mother is a Professor of Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann Institute, and in most of the families she knew as a child, at least one parent was a scientist. This environment bred curiosity in her mind, and a desire to search for answers to basic scientific questions.

“I am as hard-working as any ant, but without the scholarship I would have had to hold down a fulltime job, and would not have been able to do my research.”

Ram Toby

Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Physical Electronics

Topic of research: Tomographic inverse scattering using wave beams.

The term 'inverse scattering' means reconstruction of a medium by measuring the field scattered from it when exposed to known light waves. My study tackles a known problem, while developing innovative mathematical tools for future use.

"It's the helping hand of supporters that help students pursue their dreams.

As a young family, struggling to make ends meet, my wife and I deliberated whether I should pursue a PhD. The generous scholarship enables me to focus on my studies and research.“

Alumni Testimonials

We asked our Alumni about TAU ... this is how they responded:

Victoria Frank

MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation - 2018

Q: "What surprised you the most about Tel Aviv University and your time there?"

A:"The diversity of the people, and the comprehensiveness of fields we studied"

Q: "Tell us about the friendships and relationships that sprang from your time at TAU. Do you keep in touch? What was special about your time at TAU that allowed you to create that special bond?"

A:"Through TAU I met so many people and made many new friends. I keep in touch with a handful. Everyone has couches all over the world to crash on. What was particular about our situation was that we were all alone in a foreign country. We only had each other and that turned out excellent"

Yair Weisblum

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Film and Televsion - 1997

Q: "When you think about TAU - what are you most proud of?"

A:"The school’s various faculties have very distinguished academic reputation in addition to decorated successful alumni"

Q: "What surprised you the most about the university and your time there??"

A:"How supportive the student body and staff were. The University team went above and beyond to ensure I developed the skills I needed. From a social perspective, I met great people  who are long life friends."

Laura Lasry

MA in Environmental Studies - 2017

Q: "When reflecting on your experiance at TAU - what stands out as your most memorable moment? Please tell us why?"

A:"Spending the year in Israel and the kindness of the staff in our program."

Q: "What do you hope for TAU? How should we achieve that dream?"

A: "I hope more Canadians will attend and that can be achieved by giving out more subsidies since it’s very expensive to spend the year abroad."

Gabriel Boulianne Gobeil

Security and Diplomacy - 2017

Q: "When reflecting on your experiance at TAU - what stands out as your most memorable moment? Please tell us why?"

A:"Going through my program's orientation while sitting in a palm tree garden on campus. This was a striking difference with north american campuses."

Q: "Looking back at your time at TAU - how did your experience influence your outlook for the future?"

A: "It gave me a completely different perspective on the world and the Middle East, which I am certain will shape how I pursue my career goals."

Jordan Falkenstein

MA in Security and Diplomacy - 2011

Q: "What surprised you the most about the university and your time there?"

A:"Upon arrival, I didn’t expect the amount of academic, social and logistical support that was provided to overseas students, to help us feel at home. Within the first two weeks, I found myself surrounded by local Israeli students offering their hospitality, while the faculty and staff were always available to help us get settled and ready for the academic year."

Q: "When you think about TAU - what are you most proud of?"

A: "I can definitely look back and smile, I am proud of decision I made to pursue my graduate degree at TAU. Eight years later, I realized that I just didn’t earn a degree but had the experience of living in Israel. ...  I feel really proud to have completed a Master's degree at a university that is renowned as a hub for innovative thinking and prepares its students for the real world!"

Eitan Lavie

Executive MBA - 2018, Electronic Enginering 2006

Q: "When reflecting on your experiance at TAU - what stands out as your most memorable moment? Please tell us why?"

A:"The smile of the professor during Physics I, seeing our astounded reaction to a new method for solving equations."

Q: "What do you hope for TAU? How should we achieve that dream?"

A: "I hope for TAU to be able to grow even further in its collaboration with the Innovation world and be the top academic institution used as a reference for how innovation and startup/academy corporation should look like."

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