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Michal Hatuel-Radoshitzky

Faculty & department: Social Sciences, Political Science

Topic of research: Stigmatization of countries in the international arena

Supervisor: Prof. Amal Jamal (TAU)

Previous degrees: B.A. in Psychology and Communication (TAU); M.A. in Political Science, specializing in Political Communication (TAU)

Words that best describe me: Motivation & determination


Brief CV:

Michal is married with three children. She grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and dreamed of becoming a news broadcaster on TV.  Educated at a strict and demanding Jewish school, she wrote her matriculation in 3 different languages: English, Afrikaans and Hebrew. She joined the IDF as a lone soldier and served as an officer.

Addressing international audiences, Michal was often asked to compare between apartheid in Israel and South Africa. This drove her to investigate how a democracy like Israel can be equated with the apartheid regime of her childhood in South Africa.


Focus and contribution of my research:

“My research deals with the stigmatization of countries in the international arena. I am developing a model that analyzes how a country involved in a self-determination conflict might be stigmatized, and why some countries so involved are stigmatized while others are not.

The study’s main contribution lies in investigating soft-power mechanisms – rapidly gaining importance in the digital world, where military action (hard power) entails a heavy political price. Since states behave like human beings, I hope my research may enhance our understanding of relations among nations.”


What the scholarship means to me:

“The scholarship I received from the university has enabled me to study. It’s as simple as that. Without financial assistance, I could never have afforded to do research while raising three small children. Since academic research is flexible, I am able to be a mother while also pursuing my processional goals.”


My role model:

“A senior female researcher at our institute seems to be able to do everything simultaneously. Lecturer, researcher and mother at the same time, she does it all so charmingly.  Looking at her I see that it’s possible!”


More about me:

“I am a volunteer board member of Forum Dvorah – Women in Foreign Policy and National Security.”



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