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Many ways to give

Make a donation in one of the following ways:

Online Donation, Send a Card, Event Sponsorship, Major Gifts, Special Scholarships and Prizes, Wills & Estates, Corporate Matching Gifts, Start A Fund–:

Online Donation

Make a secure, online donation in any amount.  Tax receipts will be issued automatically.

Send a Card

CFTAU has a full selection of cards that can be personalized for any occasion throughout the year – a new baby, a birthday, Bar/BatMitzvah, engagement, marriage or anniversary.

You can also wish someone a speedy recovery or honour the memory of a friend or relative with the gift of a donation to CFTAU.

Let us take care of your New Year, Hanukkah and Passover card mailings. Give us your list and we’ll do the rest!

Event Sponsorship

Affiliate your name or company with one of our exciting events and gain access and exposure to our constituents, email database, event guests, and media. View sponsorship opportunities for individual events for gift amounts and details.

Major Gifts

Consider making a larger gift over time and become a stakeholder in CFTAU’s fight against cancer.

Donor Opportunities:

Graduate Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowship

A named Postdoctoral Fellowship is valued at $30,000 per year and enables talented PhD’s to further augment their research experience before taking on their own laboratory or research group. Donors may sponsor 1 year or the full 3-year term.

Doctoral Fellowship

Support Israel’s “academic entrepreneurs” on their path to innovative and enriching directions in science and scholarship for $20,000 per year. Donors may sponsor 1 year or the full 3-year term.

Master’s Fellowship

Your gift of $15,000 per year will enable master’s students to deepen their knowledge before spreading their wings as tomorrow’s leaders, professionals and educators. Donors may sponsor 1 year or the full 3-year term.

Need Based Undergraduate Scholarships

New Chances

A $6,000 scholarship targets students living with serious financial difficulties, such as new immigrants, single parents, minority groups and others. Donors may sponsor 1 year or the full 3-year term.

Reserve Combat Soldiers

These $7,000 scholarships support TAU students who perform annual reserve duty in IDF combat units, and cover not only tuition but also tutoring and counseling when required. Donors may sponsor 1 year or the full 3-year term.

Presidential Scholars

This affirmative action program gives extra financial, academic and emotional support ($7,000) to young people whose disadvantaged background could otherwise prevent them from pursuing a university degree. Donors may sponsor 1 year or the full 3-year term.

International Students

These scholarships support students at TAU’s Overseas School, or one of TAU’s English-language graduate level international programs. Between $11,000 – $32,000 per year plus $15,000 a year for housing.

Merit Based Scholarships: Rewarding Excellence


These scholarships enable TAU to offer a competitive admissions package to the very best students as they enter their first year of undergraduate studies. $6,000 per year.

Special Scholarships and Prizes

Offering merit-based financial incentives encourages and recognizes excellence. $6,000 per year.

Other Opportunities

Research Fellowship Circle

Become a member of the Research Fellowship Circle with a minimum contribution of $1,000. Each group of 30 members will help us fund a post-doctoral scientist for 1 year.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Imagine doubling your gifts to CFTAU at no cost to you! Many comapanies  and organizations support their employees philanthropic initiatives through corporate giving. Corporate giving enhances an organization’s reputation, helps to increase brand recognition, along with attracting quality employees while increasing retention.

Wills & Estates

Find out how you can leave a legacy.  Planned giving can help reduce your taxes, supplement your income and maximize the benefits to your estate and its beneficiaries. For a complete list of advantages of our bequest program, please contact us directly.

Start A Fund

Establish a fund in honour or in memory of someone. An initial contribution of $1,500 from either an individual or a group of family and friends will ensure that a name will live on. To keep the fund active, a minimum annual donation of $180 is required. Contact us to set up your Honour or Memorial Fund today!

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