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Tali Reiner Brodtetzki

Faculty & department: Life Sciences, Zoology

Topic of research: Populations and social structures of cataglyphis navigator ants: behavior, chemistry and genome

Supervisor: Prof. Abraham Hefetz (TAU)

Previous degrees: B.Sc. in Animal Science; M.Sc. with thesis on sexual selection in the barn swallow, addressing basic questions in evolution

Words that best describe me: Serious and striving for excellence


Brief CV:

Tali, married with three young children, juggles between motherhood and many hours in the lab.

Tali is a second-generation scientist. Her mother is a Professor of Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann Institute, and in most of the families she knew as a child, at least one parent was a scientist. This environment bred curiosity in her mind, and a desire to search for answers to basic scientific questions.

As a child Tali wished to pursue justice and be a lawyer. Studying art, she wanted to be an architect and design vast artworks. Eventually, fascinated be veterinary medicine, she realized that the Life Sciences combine all the things she loved: the search for truth, planning new experiments and the world of animals


Focus and contribution of my research:

“My research addresses questions of sociology through ant populations and their varied social structures. Through these extraordinary animal societies, we can gain an understanding of the evolution of complex social structures, which may also be projected onto human society.”


What the scholarship means to me:

“I am as hard-working as any ant, but without the scholarship I would have had to hold down a fulltime job, and would not have been able to do my research.”


Why TAU is the place for me:

“Only TAU has the wonderful Zoological Garden, such a pleasant environment to work in.”


In my spare time:

“My work is my hobby….”



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