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Ram Toby

Faculty & department: Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Physical Electronics

Topic of research: Tomographic inverse scattering using wave beams

Supervisors: Prof. Ehud Heyman (TAU) & Prof. Timor Melamed (Ben-Gurion University)

Previous degrees: B.Sc. in Electromagnetics & Electro-optics; M.Sc. with specialization in Electromagnetics

Words that best describe me: Persistence and determination

Personal motto: You must complete your journey, even when conditions are against you.


Brief CV:

Ram is married with one child. He grew up in moshav Kfar HaNagid, the eldest in a family of five. Despite their lack of education, his parents encouraged their children to study, and Ram was the family’s role model.

As a young boy, Ram was drawn to technology, and in high school he majored in technology and physics. Diagnosed with learning disabilities, including dysgraphia, dyslexia and ADHD, he met the challenge head on, and completed his high school and university education successfully. His M.Sc. thesis has been presented at several international conferences. 

Ram’s perseverance was also evident in his military service. A squad and scouting commander in the Armored Corps, he finished his training despite several injuries.


Focus and contribution of my research:

The topic of my study is ‘Tomographic inverse scattering using wave beams’.

The term ‘inverse scattering’ means reconstruction of a medium by measuring the field scattered from it when exposed to known light waves. My study tackles a known problem, while developing innovative mathematical tools for future use.


What the scholarship means to me:

“As a young family, struggling to make ends meet, my wife and I deliberated whether I should pursue a PhD. The generous scholarship enables me to provide for my family as I focus on my studies and research.


In my spare time:

“I love sports, especially soccer.”



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