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Sunday, August 26, 2018 / Dimanche 26 août 2018


Montreal Science Centre  / Centre des sciences de Montréal
2 de la Commune St W, Montréal  •  QC H2Y 4B2


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Maxwell Smart

Child Holocaust Survivor,
Artist andAuthor,
Montreal Businessman


Meet Maxwell Smart and his art:



Artist, Author (*1930)


Born in Czechoslovakia in 1930 to a Czech mother and a Polish father, Maxwell Smart immigrated to Poland as an infant. Maxwell lived the normal life of a young boy until his life was sent into turmoil by the Nazi invasion and WWII. He survived, and later went on to become a prolific artist whose works are included in collections across North America. He is also an author whose first book is about to be published. 

Surviving the Holocaust

In 1942, the Nazi’s and their Ukrainian cohorts entered Buczacz, Poland, which is now part of Ukraine, and they, and 1000s of collaborators, turned on their Jewish neighbours killing and looting whoever they could.  In a matter of days the lives of the Jewish population were turned into a living hell. Maxwell and his family were forced from their homes and made to live in ghettoes. By some miracle Maxwell was able to escape the city and the liquidation of most of his family. His mother, father and sister who was only 6 at the time died at the hands of the Nazi killers. All told only 3 family members, including himself, were able to escape death and survive with the other 60 dying horrible deaths, sometimes in front of his young eyes. Following his escape, he survived day to day hiding in forests, living in small bunkers and, by luck, finding refuge with a farmer who risked certain death by concealing him and allowing him to stay on his farm. During this period, he suffered severe privation including hunger, cold, illness, loneliness and fear. With rags on his feet, starving, and repeatedly escaping death from the Nazis and the Ukrainian thugs he was sharply aware that at any moment he could be found and killed or tortured. This meagre, impossible existence continued for years with Maxwell only being able to survive by his wits, determination and cunning. Finally, in 1948 at age 17, Maxwell arrived in Canada as a war orphan with nothing in his pocket and only a desire and a drive to create a new life for himself.


Maxwell was married soon after his arrival in Canada. He quickly took on many challenging business ventures before finally settling on real estate as his main occupation. Maxwell developed many real estate projects across Montreal, most which he still owns. His first wife, Helen, passed away in 1984 and in 1995 he married his present wife, Tina. He has 3 children, Lorne, Faigie and Anthony.


Maxwell always had a passion for art and painting even as a child in Europe. With his life finally settled in Canada he was able to turn to painting with vigor maintaining 2 studios and a permanent gallery. A visit to his gallery is a trip into a surreal world of paintings and sculpture that can leave you breathless. Maxwell has hosted many charitable events in this gallery. At a vernissage at his gallery in 2006, he donated all the proceeds of over $50,000 to the Jewish General Hospital. He continuously donates the proceeds from the sale of his paintings to numerous charitable foundations in the city of Montreal.  

Maxwell is extremely prolific having painted over 1,200 works in the past 40 years. While many have been sold he still has a private collection of over 600 pieces. His paintings tend be very large and are always bright and explosive in nature.  The paintings sometimes take cues from Riopelle and Jackson Pollack and freedom and escape are ongoing themes in his works. Maxwell has been included in the prestigious book Guide Vallée with other well-known Canadian artists and his art is part of many private and public collections including that of the Royal Bank of Canada where the painting­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “White Dahlias” adorns their head office in Montreal.


After 75 years, Maxwell is still haunted by his past. In 2010, inspired by those who had already stepped forward to tell their harrowing tales as well as by Professor Dina Porat, Maxwell decided to face his demons and write a book that would detail his life. Professor Porat is former Head of the Department of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University, and currently leads the University’s Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, Antisemitism and Racism, and Chief Historian of Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, in Jerusalem. This book is intended to tell his story but also to bring awareness to the world of the evils of Anti-Semitism and of racism. In his book you can see the result of these evils when they are not confronted and exposed.


Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University will honour Maxwell and his life at a gala event, August 26, 2018, in Montreal. The goal is also to raise awareness and funds to fight the scourge of antisemitism, racism and genocide, and to spotlight how the world can combat and defeat them before spreading and impossible to stop. Maxwell’s story will empower communities and individuals to take action. The Gala funds will support Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center in its mission.   


“My past can never be part of my future because hatred does not blend well with happiness. Hatred kills, it incites racism, creates anti-Semitism, hatred creates genocides and wars—it created my past and this should never happen again.”    

Maxwell Smart (from his book)


His Art

MaxwellSmart 10113
MaxwellSmart 10108
Ice V1
MaxwellSmart 10083
MaxwellSmart 10101
MaxwellSmart 10077
Ice V2
MaxwellSmart 10023
MaxwellSmart 10075
MaxwellSmart 10005


Professor Dina Porat

Head of TAU’s Kantor Center
Alfred P. Slaner Chair in Antisemitism and Racism
Chief Historian of Yad Vashem





The Honourable Irwin Cotler

Father John Walsh

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz





Shirley Stern





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