2021 Annual Scholarship Campaign

Our Future Depends on Their Future … Their Future Depends on YOU

Help ensure that at-risk students can continue to pursue their studies and make an impactful contribution to global progress.
Now, in these challenging times, Israel’s future leaders and innovators, need your urgent help.

Timing is critical

In the wake of COVID-19, countless of Tel Aviv University (TAU) students, from low-income and underrepresented groups, are at risk of dropping out because of financial difficulties.  Lost jobs as well as the need to provide extra support to their families have compounded these students’ already enormous challenge of financing studies.


Without income to cover their rent, tuition and living expenses, too many students have already informed the University they may be forced to drop out.  The number of students requesting financial assistance is growing daily.

We are proud that TAU’s student body mirrors the diversity of Israeli society including Ethiopian Israelis, Israeli Arabs, Ultra-Orthodox, single mothers, and residents of low socio-economic cities and towns. Many of these students are only able to access higher education through financial assistance from TAU.

Imagine if a global pandemic prevented us from pursuing your dreams. How different might your lives have looked? We have the power to invest in and help ensure that all TAU students, today, can continue to pursue their studies and achieve their maximum potential.

The timing is critical – Your generous support can make a world of difference in securing a brighter future for a student.

Meet Our Students

“I am grateful for the scholarship I received – “Thank You” are just two small words but in this case – they have great meaning”.

• • • Wudnesh Wolde Giorgis

Third year student, Department of Nursing

“My original plan was to study law at Tel Aviv University”, but due to financial struggles Melisa could not attend. However, today, Melisa “couldn’t be more thankful: A TAU scholarship has given me the chance to pursue a degree I have longed for several years… I am eager to join the human rights and housing clinics at our law faculty and help others in their fight for justice.”

• • • Melisa Poiron

Second year law student, Buchmann Faculty of Law TAU

“I wish to take this opportunity to give my thanks to the wonderful team of Admas Program For Students Of The Ethiopian Community; every time a problem arises, I always receive a quick response, warm and supportive. It is not taken for granted that in a big system such as the university there is a program that truly sees you”

• • • Menver Yosef

The Acting for Honors Students Program

“My name is Ishay Ravina and I’m a student at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music for a double first degree of both vocal and musicology studying… After high school I decided I should keep developing in the field of music, by having a B. M. Mus from university. I highly thank you for this generous donation, which helps me a lot financially, especially in this challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

• • • Ishay Ravina

Buchman-Mehta School of Music

“We’re 7 in one household with one income, and our house burned down last December. I found accommodation at the dorms but due to coronavirus I can’t work, I can’t pay rent, I can’t help my parents and I also have no home to go back to until my family gets back on its feet.”


“I was called up by the army to work in a corona testing lab and had to juggle hospital work with studies. I will get thrown out of my dorm room if I don’t get help with rent which is a shame because I’m a good student and a good soldier. My parents, both ill and disabled, cannot help me financially.”


Did you know?

Double your impact: Thanks to the Charles, Evelyn and Sandra Dolansky Foundation your donation will be matched dollar for dollar

100% of your donation will be directed to underrepresented students

TAU faculty and staff are supporting the Emergency Student Aid program through Direct Salary contributions

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